In Menus

Arrow keys --- Move the selector

 Z --- Back button

 X --- Accept/continue

In Game

Left/Right keys --- Move the aimer.

 Up/Down keys --- Increase/Decrease power. Power shown by length and color of aimer.
Z --- Camera control. Press arrow keys to move the camera while holding down Z.

X --- Hit the ball.

Q --- Restart level.


Basic physics apply. However, there are some twists along the way.

Behind the scenes

This is my first game upload. I created it using a little tool called pico-8. Pico-8 is a fantasy console with all the dev tools for game creation built-in. You can find it at


Art --- Loanwulfious.  Coding --- Loanwulfious with help from: Doc_robs, Lazy devs, and General Chaos. Testing --- Loanwulfious, General Chaos.


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